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We are representatives in portugal of silica gel sachets or dissecting sachets, suitable for dehumidifying enclosed environments (boxes, containers, etc.). The standard materials of these sachets are tyvek™ and are heat sealed. All sachets are labeled "silica gel" and "do not eat" on the outside. Consult us for weights and dimensions available.

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We have a wide range of certified, woven and non-woven, glued and unglued interlinings , with quality to line any garment in the garment industry. All our interlinings have pre-shrink treatment and are dishwasher safe. They are produced with materials that provide a natural touch to achieve the desired finish.
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"The Famalicão Cidade Têxtil brand comes to formalize what the county has already been for more than a century - an important center of production, research and development of the textile sector -, and it promotes a concept of production and economic activity that goes far beyond the walls of companies "...

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